Somali Political Parties



Xisbiga Nabadda Iyo Horumarka is the current ruling party and 28 out of 35 Cabinet came from this political party.

Hiil Qara

Somali Peace & Democratic Union (SPDU)



ARS-Djibouti is party of the Unity Government of the Democratic Republic of Somalia

ARS-Asmara is the official Opposition against the Democratic Republic of Somalia, and is led by Hassan Dahir Aweys

Union of the Islamic Court (UIC) was dismantled into two known groups: ARS-Djibouti and Ars-Asmara

Al-Shabaab is youth organization which has links with the well-known Al-qadea Organization and is one of the first terrorist list in Horn of Africa


Ahalusunna Waljameeca is very friendly and 85% of the Somali Pollution are Ahlausuna Wajameeca and classified as non-violant organization that has enjoying popularity among the Somalis wherever they live.

Hisbul Islaam is another terrorist groups that is trying to topple Somali's current regime and will also invent to dismantle and disrupt neighboring security and regimes if they overthrown the current regime of Somalia.

Wahabism is considered one of the dangerious and modern threat to Somalia's religious creed because they tried to posses and demolish the Ahlu Sunna Waljameeca sect.

Akhwanul Muslimiin is very good and keep low profile themselves.

Tafiir is another dangerious sect, and has been trying to pursue fellowers but confined in solitary status and do not interact with the rest of other groups

Saalaxiya is very nice and has patience and religious tranquality, and they have operating friendly.