July 2017



Press Release on Saturday July 22, 2017
Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS) would like to warn the Somali People and the Republic of Somalia about foreign illegal firms and their mercenary Mafia Troops working illegally in the Republic of #Somalia.
It is very wise to establish and appoint Somalia's Anti- Corruption Commission as soon as possible, and the vetting of the Somalia's Anti- Corruption Commission must be done by the both Somali Lower and Upper Houses of Representatives in regard to the Current Federal Constitution.
Unfortunately, it is not wise to witness or know that former #Shabab Intelligence Commanders to head key Somali governmental posts such as the Directorate of the Somali Immigration and Nationalities, Heads of the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agencies "NISA" including key Somali Ministries.
Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS) also suggests to the Current Leaders of #Somalia to fire all ex- Somali confirmed criminals in the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea report issued on July 13, 2013 and many other international reports in order to revive and return the transparency, accountability and trustworthy in Somalia.
It is not easy to seek and ask for international funds and assistance from the International Community while the same all ex- Somali confirmed criminals in the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea report issued on July 13, 2013 are working as the Chief of the Cabinet Staff, Ambassadorial Designates or still occupying in key public office to further commit more crimes against humanity in Somalia, Africa and the world at large.
Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS) wants to share that there are no foreigners acting as consultants hired by the Somali people or Somali Government so, who hired them? What kind of consultancies they do for Somalia? All such foreign people must be investigated, and Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS) have clearly investigated that there are several foreign men acting as consultants without vetting or know who really had hired them to do services in Somalia?
On behalf of the Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS), Somali Cyber Teams and the Somali people, Somalia is our country, and anyone acting or trying to disagree with our constitution and customary norms must leave Somalia in peace or face the law!
Best Wishes,
Dr. Badal Kariye
Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS)

On 19 July 2017 the main Radio Mogadishu transmitter, which has been broadcasting to the capital city and surrounding area since it was installed in 2011, was replaced with a new 5 kilowatt FM transmitter. This was achieved by a coordinated effort by the Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism with the Bar Kulan Trust (BKT), supported by USAID and UNSOS. The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Information, Deputy Minister of Information, the Director General and the Director of Radio Mogadishu spoke at the event to cut the ribbon of the new transmitter that took place today in the Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism.

“This cooperation in maintaining and improving media in Somalia demonstrates the importance of the media sector, recognised by the international organisations that have been involved in this and other Somali media development initiatives. The new 5 kilowatt transmitter will increase the coverage and the reach out areas of Radio Mogadishu, and is part of the over plan of the ministry to expand its reach to more citizens, especially those in rural areas.” commented HE Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), Minister of Information, Culture & Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar) cut the ribbon of the new transmitter and encouraged the ministry of information to continue expanding the reach of radio Mogadishu to rural areas in the country. The Deputy PM continued to say that media development in the country is key to the progress that the Federal Government aims to achieve so that people can be given opportunities to take part in the rebuilding of the country.

UNSOS through BKT has provided support to Radio Mogadishu and the Ministry during 2011 to 2014. This included assisting in the digitisation of the Radio Mogadishu archive and playing a part in the first Somali Cultural Festival in 2014 and other assistance in the past, and the transmitter that has been replaced, which was provided by UNSOS and has been used by Radio Mogadishu since 2011. BKT hopes to continue this relationship with the Ministry, including development of Somali public broadcasting in line with the Somali Media Law.

Further information:
Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism

Mogadishu, 18 July 2017 – H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), the Minister of Information, Culture & Tourism is aware of criticism by some individuals of the new media law that was recently passed by the cabinet. A number of these concerns have been addressed directly, but as the complainant decided to voice their views on online and social media, it is necessary for the Minister to release a public statement.

On coming to office in April 2017, Eng. Yarisow immediately met with journalists and editors to promise a review of the media law and asked them to identify which particular clauses they would like amended. Despite the fact that the law was still relatively new having only received Presidential decree in January 2016.

Three days of consultation were held in Mogadishu over the period 6-8 May 2017, attended by the Ministers of Information from each region of Somalia and media practitioners. All agreed the clauses that needed changing and the draft of amended clauses was reviewed two weeks later. The clauses that was agreed to amend included the removal of the condition of journalism degree, to reduce the fines, to remove criminality issues in the media law and considered recommendations from the Somalia Media Support Group (SMSG).

Since that time the Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism has held several meetings with media leaders to ask them to provide their comments. After including all the changes, the ministry sent out an e-mail on 22 June 2017 to all interested parties, including; media practitioners’ leaders and Ministers of Information from the Federal Member States. In this e-mail we included the latest draft with highlighted changes. No further comments were received and their agreement with the draft was confirmed by telephone.

Finally, on 11 July 2017, the finished document was sent out for comment with a request for comments by 13 July 2017. The Minister even specifically promised in this e-mail that additional comments would be included in the meeting of the Council of Ministers. No comments were received and the Media Law was passed by the Cabinet. It will now go before Parliament for ratification and the media can still lobby through their elected representatives for further changes.

Throughout the process the media were consulted and given multiple opportunities to make amendments. However, senior leaders within the media community now have concerns that prevents them from being members of the Media Committee. This clause was added due to obvious conflict of interest of having current editors and managers as members of the Media Committee. This is the true cause of the personal grievances aired through online press releases and on social media under the banner of ‘press freedom’.

The Media Committee consists of nine members, six of whom come from civil society groups; three from private media, one human rights activists, one women advocate, one from the Law Society. The rest of the committee are from public media. This construct will ensure that the Media Committee is impartial and independent.

The Ministry of Information believes that they deserve great appreciation as the Ministry did a proactive and inclusive approach and by having the media law reviewed and opening it for wider consultations. The Ministry provided an opportunity to Somali media practitioners and their representatives to contribute and support this process. The Ministry of Information considered and included all the amendments or recommendations from the media practitioners in the country as well as to the ministries of information from member states of Somalia.

The revised version of the Media law will be aligned to the international standards, provide a legal framework that will contribute to an enabling environment for press freedom, freedom of expression, access to information, plurality and diversity of the Somalia media sector.

The Ministry of Information is ready and willing to listen all genuine concerns that still exist with a view to lobby together all of us including media practitioners so that we can as our MPs and in particular to the parliamentary committee on Information, Posts & Telecommunications to consider addressing all concerns well before the parliament approves the media law.


Notes to Editors:

Protection of sources – The new media law is clear. Journalists are not required to reveal sources. However, if a case is brought through the judicial process, a court CAN reveal any relevant sources and so journalists are protected. This is a change to the previous Media Law which required journalists to reveal their sources. This change is an example of how the Media Law was drafted in full consultation with the media and meets their wishes. Furthermore, we completely removed issues of criminality in this latest Media Law as requested.

Culture & Religion – Respect for culture and religion are fundamental to the ethics of responsible journalism. The Media Law clarifies that there will be bye-laws, ethical codes and standards that the media themselves will devise with the consultation of the Ministry of Information. This self-regulation is the hallmark of a free and trusted media.

Qualifications – Journalists will no longer be required to hold a university degree in journalism.

For more information:
Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism

Mogadishu, 17 July 2017) The Federal Government of Somalia in collaboration with the owner of the fiber-optic cable has successfully restored Internet and data services to South and Central Somalia.

The loss of Internet and data services for nearly three weeks caused considerable economic damage to many sectors of the Somali economic, such as commerce, education, healthcare, and the delivery of Government services.

The Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Technology put enormous focus and spared no efforts in trying to minimize the damage to the nation’s economy by assisting the owner of the fiber-optic cable to expedite the restoration of the services and by providing permits and security protection to the repair ship.

Recognizing the enormity of the negative economic impact this incident had on the country’s economy and public services, the Ministry is committed to work with all public and private stakeholders to ensure an outage of this magnitude and length does not occur again. The following measures are needed to prevent similar future incidents:

1. There is greater need than ever for the Parliament to pass the National Communication Law that has been submitted to the Parliament on 10 July 2017 after the Cabinet approved it on 22 June 2017. The Law would have protected the interests of consumers, telecommunication companies, other companies as well as the public sector who would have clear legal recourse through the Law to recover damages and/or levy fines on telecommunication companies who didn’t meet their legal commitment.
2. The Telecommunication companies providing undersea infrastructure are required to work with the relevant Government agencies to prevent ships docking at the Mogadishu port from damaging this vital infrastructure.
3. Telecommunication service providers will be required to provide backup and failover methods for their services to minimize the impact of outages.
4. The Government will promote and encourages investors to invest in other cable systems. This unfortunate outage clealy demonstrated how the pervasiveness of usage and the critical nature of the Internet for the country’s economic and social life.
5. The Ministry is working on a national communication and information technologies policy in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. This policy will ensure that every citizen would get basic Internet and telecommunication services with adequate speed and affordable cost.

Finally the Ministry would like to thank the Somali people for their understanding and patience during this difficult period. We hope and expect that if the aforementioned steps were taken similar incidents would not occur again.

▪ End –

Press Release.

Mogadishu: Sunday 17/07/2017

Somali cabinet passes flawed media bill after so-called review

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and affiliate media organizations including Somali Media Association (SOMA), Media Association of Puntland (MAP), Somali Independent Media Houses (SIMHA), and Somali Women Journalists (SWJ) are dismayed about the endorsement of what was called a reviewed Somalia Media Bill by the Somali Cabinet on Thursday 13 July ,2017 in Kismayo.

Members from Somali media organizations hold a meeting subsequently on Friday and Saturday 14,15 July 2017 following the cabinet endorsement of Somalia media bill. They expressed their concern over Somali government?s failure to take into account most of their recommendations and requests proposed by the independent media organizations and Somali media partners including Somalia Media Support Group (SMSG).

Profoundly reading the reviewed clauses and by comparing it to the previous ones, the media watchdogs found out that there were no substantial amendments and changes made by the cabinet and literally this seems another abortive attempt of ruling out any achievement through the expected review which could have given full assurances of freedom of media and freedom of expression in the country.

?We?ll negotiate with the Media Committee in the Somali parliament and we will carry this battle to the next stage and lobby against any attempt to deny the media of this country to gain full freedom. We hope that parliamentarians will be wise enough to amend the media law properly before passing it, otherwise it shall be another lost opportunity? said Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu NUSOJ Secretary General.

?We, the independent media in general, aren?t against having a media law in our country but we are interested to have a media law that aligns with the international standard by providing legal framework that will contribute to the establishment of an enabling environment for the freedom of the press, freedom of expression and access to information as enshrined in the national constitution of Somalia.? said SOMA Secretary General, Ismael Sheikh Khalifa.

Independent Somali Media Organizations would like to thank the government of Somalia particularly the Ministry of Information on its attempt to review media law and for the minor amendments it did but we would like now to appeal to the Members of Parliament who have the ability to amend the clauses we still have the concerns and we politely request them to reconsider the requests and calls from Somali journalists and their media organizations.

The latest review gives an excessive power to the Ministry of Information a power that could lead to full control of the media freedom.

Below is a summary of key recommendations and changes from the media organizations to the reviewed Media Law:

Media output should not be required to reflect the ?right information and ideology.

Consideration should be given to doing away with the distinction between journalists and other members of the media professionals.

Consideration should be given to doing away altogether with the obligations placed upon journalists. Instead, the law could include a provision appropriately tailored to the protection of confidential sources of information.

Publicly funded media should be transformed into true public service media, protected against political interference, operating in the public interest and accountable to the public rather than the government or Ministry of Information.

A comprehensive law on access to information should be adopted in line with international standards and better practice.

Finally, Somali Media Organizations believe the government can be a useful tool to media freedom by accepting these recommendations. It is now the parliament?s task to listen to us and save the freedom of the media and freedom of expression when the media law is brought before them for their approval.

We look forward to an international standard media law that frees the media and does not attempt to control them.

Here are some of the articles in the reviewed media law which we are still complaining about.

Clause 25.2 says- The Ministry of Information and the Media Commission in consultation with journalist?s organizations in the country shall set the regulations of the general code of ethics of journalism, which shall stipulate the following issues, among others:

A- Respect for the Islamic religion and sound Somali culture.

B- Accuracy and reliability of news reports and programs, and protection of confidential sources of information unless a court orders to be disclosed.

C- Avoid to disseminate or publish videos and photos that are against the sound conduct of the society.

First of all, as independent media organizations we want the journalist code of conduct is to be established by the journalist professionals in close consultation with the Somalia Media Commission and other media stakeholders therefore, Government or Ministry of Information should not have a role in establishing the journalists code of conduct.

The minister of Information has full power according to article 40.1 C .To take an urgent decisions related to security emanating from media outlets.

Article 35.1 explains who can become a journalist and says journalist is anyone who has journalist knowledge and has been in the journalism industry for about two years. Under international law, the freedom to seek and impart information and ideas can never be conditioned on a certain diploma or membership of a professional association

Article 36.1 tells - The journalist should not violate the rights of a person, organization, places of worship, Islamic religion, laws of the country and sound Somali culture, this clause is totally contrary to the article 48 on the interpretation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

We also see as unacceptable and direct limitation to media the below clauses in article 36 which say

36.7- If media outlet sees the need for the anonymity due to the security of the anonymous source and that of the nation, they can broadcast the information, without revealing the confidential source. They shall, however, keep the source and the information properly, to be disclosed when needed. The disclosure of the source and the information may be ordered by a court if there is a dispute.

36.8- If the information provided by the sources leads to an outcome that cannot be obtained from elsewhere, and a court has ordered for the disclosure of the source of information, the media shall disclose the source where they obtained from and related evidences when ordered so by the competent court, which shall decide on the method of meeting the source, whether secretly or otherwise


Today's Seven Facts of Ex- Shabab Terrorists who became Current Heads within the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Who can hide the #Facts in #Somalia on Thursday July 13, 2017? The Current Somali Government hired many ex- known Shabab Terrorists, and know their names below here:-
1. Current Director of the Directorate of the Somali Immigration & Nationalities Colonel Mohamed Adan aka Kofe was known Shabab Terrorists Head of Intelligence for 3 years so
, who many Shabab terrorists did he give Somali passports to abroad?
2. Ex- Shabab terrorist Zakariya Hersi who is now the appointed Head of the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency in Mogadishu “NISA” was also was known Shabab Terrorists Head of Intelligence for 2 & half years so, who many people did he wound and kill under his command as the Head of Shabab terrorists Intelligence Chief?
3. Why Current Director of the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency in Mogadishu “NISA” Abdilaahi Sanboloshe was a former Head of the Death Squad of the Somali Union of Islamic Courts and later served in Shabab terrorism activities before joining to ex- the Somali Transitional Federal Government which appointed him as the Director of the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency in Mogadishu “NISA” later he was appointed as Somali Ambassador to Turkey.
4. Ex- Shabab Intelligence high ranking Officer Farah Qarole who is now a Head of Branch within the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency in Mogadishu “NISA”
5. Ex- Shabab Intelligence high ranking Officer Farah Qarole Mahad Korow who is now now a Head of Branch within the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency in Mogadishu “NISA”
6. Ex- Ex- Shabab Intelligence high ranking Officer Farah Qarole Mahad Korow Harow who is now now a Head of Branch within the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency in Mogadishu “NISA”
7. Ex- Shabab Intelligence high ranking Officer Farah Qarole Mahad Korow Abdi Dhere who is now now a Head of Branch within the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency in Mogadishu “NISA”
These Shabab terrorists were Exposed publicly by Somali Investigative Journalist Dahir Alasow, and translated into English Version by SCST.

Mogadihsu; 12th July 2017: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has opened the second parliamentary plenary session of the Upper House of the Somali Federal Parliament.

In his constitutional address, the president called upon the two houses of parliament to cooperate in the ongoing process of reviewing Somalia’s provisional constitution

“The two chambers of the federal parliament must cooperate in the important duty of the process of reviewing our provisional constitution”

President Farmaajo urged members of the upper house to take the lead in ensuring delivery of services aimed at achieving development goals and plans.

“You must ensure in all you do that it should only be in the interest of the nation, and avoid personal, groups or clan interests…”

The president in his address underscored the key objectives that the house must prioritize in this parliamentary session including political dialogues and consultations, as well as defining the sharing of powers and responsibilities between the central government and the federal states.

The president further urged both houses of parliament to strengthen their relations and cooperate as stipulated in article 56 of the provisional constitution.


The Five Today's Facts in #Somalia to Know how International Corruption #works in #Somalia on Tuesday July 11, 2017? Who can deny the #facts now?
1. #Why the World Bank is play #internal derailments in #Somalia as exposed by Semi-Autonomous #Information Ministers?
2. #Somalia confirms that the #World #Bank has never built a school, #college or #University in #Somalia since 1960 2 2017. #Fact is fact
3.  Is there/are there any International NGOS opened or built a #school, #college or university in #Somalia since 1960 2 2017. #Fact is here!
4. How many #foreign #NGOS or #Mercinary #Firms are illegally operating in #Somalia funding  #terrorists or stealing #resources from #Somalia.
5.  #Why the @UN #funding #AMISOMSOMlia 2 #run #security #operations in #Somalia not #Somalia #National #Forces 2 #establish #Somali #Forces?

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson affirmed US Commitment to support Somalia
US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson; ? We are ready to support Somalia and cooperate on eradicating the threats of terror?
United States? Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has affirmed America?s commitment to support Somalia?s development goals, and cooperate on the efforts to eradicate the threats of terror.
Mr. Tillerson while speaking on the phone with the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, gave the assurance that the United States is fully in support of Somalia?s peace and stability efforts.
The US has been a committed ally and a friend of Somalia, and has recently aided the Somali Special Forces to take out various Alshabab hideouts
?Our top priority is security sector reform to ensure our security institutions are able and accountable. We need to embark on the fight against Alshabab with renewed urgency?
The US has in the past taken significant action against global terror networks, and has specifically been instrumental in the fight against Alshabab.
Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism

AMISOM hands over a rebuilt Somali National University to the Federal Government of Somalia

(For immediate release)
Mogadishu, 11 July 2017 - The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) today officially handed over the Somali National University to the Federal Government of Somalia, relinquishing control of the institution, which it has occupied for the last 10 years.
At least 300 troops from the Burundi contingent who occupied the university?s premises in the capital Mogadishu, were relocated to AMISOM Sector 5 headquarters in Jowhar, in an exercise that commenced in April 2016. The troops occupied the university in 2007, starting off as a small Forward Operating Base, and later evolving into a Battalion headquarters.
?I want to thank the Federal Government of Somalia for supporting AMISOM through providing land and premises, where we could execute our mandate,? Ambassador Francisco Caetano Madeira, the AU Special Representative for Somalia and Head of AMISOM said, during the handover ceremony.
The ceremony officiated by the federal Minister for Higher Education Mr. Abdirahman Dahir Osman comes after extensive reconstruction, logistical and engineering works, spearheaded by the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS). ?We are happy that today, this institution is ready and will start admitting students once the government gives the green light,? Amb. Madeira remarked.
AMISOM also handed over assets that will facilitate the administrative operations of the institution, to enable it to operate effectively. ?As we hand over these assets, we do so with confidence, knowing that the normal day-to-day activities of a thriving country can continue, free from the threat of terrorists.?
Minister Osman described the institution as a symbol of the rebirth of Somalia. ?As a Government, we prioritize security, economic development and most importantly education because we believe that education is the anchor for sustainable development,? he said.
Established in 1954, the Somali National University suffered extensive damage and material shortage on the onset of the civil war that broke out in 1991, leading to the suspension of classes and effective closure. However, in August 2014, the university reopened its constituent colleges to offer specialized training.
?Receiving the Somali National University premises today symbolizes a return to peace, security and stability in Somalia,? the Rector of Somali National University, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Jimale told guests, among them senior government officials and Somalia?s key partners.
Ministry of Information, Culture & Toursim

Press Release.

Mogadishu: Tuesday 11/07/2017

Somaliland releases the arrested journalist in Hargeisa on bail.

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) welcomes the release of Journalist Omar Hassan Ali Known as Omar Serbia who has been arrested in Hargeisa, Somaliland since on Saturday 7, July 2017.

Omar was working with a Mogadishu-based radio and television station, Goobjoog and was arrested upon arrival at Egal International Airport in the capital, Hargeisa after travelling from Mogadishu.

?I confirm that I have now been freed from detention on bail and I am indeed quite sorry that I lost my freedom without justified case against me. I wasn?t fully explained the exact reason of my detention except that the authority was complaining about some unspecified scripts and talks which they said I had mentioned both the media I work for and my personal Facebook account? Omar Serbia told NUSOJ on the phone after minutes of his release.

It is good to hear that Omar Hassan Ali to be released from jial despite the National Union of Somali Journalists is deeply concern the repeated arrests against Journalists in Somaliland and we see these kind of arbitrary arrests as tactics to intimidate and undermine the freedom of expression and to silence the independent media, Secretary General of NUSOJ Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said.

Harassment and intimidation against journalists have been a major concern for journalists in Somaliland in the past several years and the arrest of Omar Hassan Ali is another disturbing development, therefore we call upon Somaliland authority to respect fully the freedom of expression enshrined by its constitution

On 25, May 2017 Somaliland government released from jail a journalist Abdimailk Muse Oldon whom they arrested on 15 February ,2017after Presidential pardon.

Another journalist Ahmed Ali Kilwe is still arrested in Garowe since July 2,2017 after he was accused of posting in his Facebook account what Puntland authority called a defamatory remark against Puntland President.

We request from Puntland authority the immediate release of Mr Kilwe who illegally jailed in Garowe.

EndPress Release on Saturday July 08, 2017
Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS) warns failed Somali politicians to mislead the Somali public about their constant in-fighting political interests for diverting and misinterpreting common interests of the general public and the Republic of Somalia for their individualistic interests.

It is true that ex- Somali politicians got away with multiple crimes including treason, and yet, they are eager to come forward and try their best to mislead the common interests of the People and the Republic of Somalia therefore; it is the best time for the two lower and upper houses of the Federal Republic of Somalia to appoint a ant-corruption commission to investigate and tackle their past crimes and solve their on-going useless political derailment tactics in the Republic of Somalia.

Somalia is back with visionary mission but there are still elements of corrupted people from top to bottom, and lack of Anti-Corruption Commission and Somali Judiciary Commission availability in the Federal Republic of Somalia, there will always be corruption with many political derailments in the country.

Unfortunately, it was a big mistake for the Current Somali Government to hire and re-employ corrupted people whose corruptions have been reported internationally by the United Nations Monitoring Group on #Somalia and Eritrea a, and to the surprise of the Somali people and the world, these internationally reported Somali corrupted people started their previous corruption styles in the country which means the start of fresh political derailment in the country.

On behalf of the Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS), we are urging to the Current Leaders of Somali Government and everyone serving public must submit their official financial and property assets within 3 months for open transparency, accountability and trustworthy government.

Best Wishes,
Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye
Somali Institute of Security Studies (SIOSS)
1 Jidka Villa Somalia
The Federal Republic of Somalia

The Five Today's Facts in #Mogadishu, #Somalia on Friday July 07, 2017
1.#Somalia's #Minister of #Information planned to plot two #public #journalists Ahmed Farah & Fahad Abdi who survived #assassination. #Fact.
2.Why is #Somalia's #Minister of #Information wants to fire or kill #3public #journalists who opposed his #corruption? No more hiding #facts.
3.Why did #Somalia's #Minister of #Information fired ex- #Director of #Somali #Minister of #Information Abdirasak Bahalawe? No more #lies!
4.How many #public #journalists is #Somali #Minister of #Information wants to #fire illegally without valid #excuse? #Fact
5. How many #public #journalists are at risk for firing or #assassinations from #Somali #Minister of #Information? More facts coming soon,.

Mogadishu Wednesday, JuWednesdayy 5, 2017#Shabab #terrorists attacked #Somalia's #Defense Headwaters in #Mogadishu, and there are several deaths and wounded personnel. #Fact is fact

Sannad-Guuro wacan Luulyo 1, 2017! #Luulyo12017
#Happy 57th #Independence Day July 1, 2017 2 to #Somalis in #Somalia around the #world

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Mogadishu on Wednesday June 28, 2017 Somali Prime Minister H.E. Hassan Ali Kheyre consulted with his special advisers at the Office of the Prime Minister indicating about possible resignation in regard to recently submitted motion to fire him after 138 Somali Members of Parliament exposed his weak leadership and endless corruption as they stated in that submitted motion to fire him after the Somali Lower and Upper Houses re-opens on August 8, 2017.

Somali Prime Minister H.E. Hassan Ali Kheyre worries the possibility to face corruption charges about the Soma Oil and Gas issue which he tactically collaborated with a big scandalous corruption.

Somali Prime Minister H.E. Hassan Ali Kheyre has already submitted his willing letter to resign from the Office of the Prime Minister, and he thanks to #Somalia's Ex- Federal President H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who he worked with fraternally during his presidency.

Somali Prime Minister H.E. Hassan Ali Kheyre has also explained that there are foreign countries willing to use #Somalia as place to either dictate or use Somalia as the circling shits in the name of ugly diplomacy but he mentioned that Somalia will be neutral, and it is the best time for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to stop meddling with our internal affairs.

United States on June 28, 2017

Facebook has announced that it now has two billion monthly users.

The company reached the milestone today, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealing the news in a post on his Facebook page.

“As of this morning, the Facebook community is now officially 2 billion people!” he wrote.

“We’re making progress connecting the world, and now let’s bring the world closer together.

“It’s an honor to be on this journey with you.”

The company was founded in February 2004, and reached one billion users in October 2012.

More than 800 million people now ‘Like’ something on the site each day.

To mark the occasion, Facebook has started rolling out new features that users will gain access to over the coming days.

One of these is the Good Adds Up personalised video, which features “inspiring stories of people using Facebook to bring communities together”.

Another is Celebrating The Good People Do. “After someone reacts to a friend’s post with Love, wishes someone happy birthday or creates a group, they will see a message in News Feed thanking them,” says the site.

Facebook has made it its mission to get people to join more groups and communities on the site.

According to Mr Zuckerberg, 100 million users are currently part of “meaningful communities”, but he wants that figure to rise to a billion.

Key to this change will be group administrators, who the Facebook CEO compared to pastors.

“As I’ve travelled around and learned about different places, one theme is clear: every great community has great leaders. Think about it. A church doesn’t just come together. It has a pastor who cares for the well-being of their congregation, makes sure they have food and shelter.”

Media Law is ready for the Cabinet to approve following a review process

Mogadishu 27 June 2017 - HE Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), Minister of Information, Culture & Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia thanked all key stakeholders in the Media sector of the country for their input, feedback and comments to the review of the Media Law.

Minister of Information consulted media stakeholders when he took office and agreed to review the Media Law following concerns raised by media practitioners in the country. As a result the Minister of Information began wide consultation process to the review of the Media Law.

During the Consultation conference in Mogadishu between 6 to 8 May 2017 Ministers of Information from regional Federal Member States and the Minister of Information of the Federal Government of Somalia had discussed the need to review some clauses of the Media Law, such as articles 5, 14, 33, 34, and 35. Key issues raised included the fines which was reduced now, the conditions of a journalists that we now removed conditions of a journalism degree and the issue of criminality, which we completely removed it now.

Minister Eng. Yarisow said "As I promised to Somali journalists when I took office, we have now reached stage where we have done consultations to the review of the Media Law and now ready to forward to the cabinet for their consideration to debate, discuss and approve it so that it will be forward to the parliament for their consideration as well."

Eng. Yarisow concluded his remarks "I wholeheartedly thank all those involved in the review process including Somali journalists, regional federal member states, Somali Media Support Group (SMSG), UNSOM, IMS/FOJO, Free Press Unlimited, UNESCO, Human Rights Watch, local human rights organizations, civil society groups and all those who dedicated their time to the process. We now have a fully reviewed Media Law, that is international standard and has gone under a rigorous consultation which we are now very confident that the revised Media Law is acceptable to all segments of the society as it reflects the wishes of Somali journalists. The Media Law will hugely help the media industry in the country to be regulated and it will protect the freedom of expression as enshrined in chapter 18 of our provisional constitution."


Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism

#Ciid Wannaagsan #Ummadda Soomaaliyeed Iyo Muslimiinta Adduunka, waxaan idiin rajaynaynaa #cibaado suuban iyo #kheyr. #Amiin nala dhaha!
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Statement on the passing of MIF Board member Sir Ketumile Masire
The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is deeply saddened by the passing of a brother and Board member, Sir Ketumile Quett Joni Masire and wishes to express its deepest condolences to the Masire family, the people of Botswana and Africa as a whole.

Serving as Botswana?s second President, Sir Ketumile Masire is credited with building the country?s modern economy. Under his leadership, Botswana became synonymous with good governance and transparency. It has demonstrated that natural resources can be a blessing, not a curse.

Mo Ibrahim: ?Africa today lost a great statesman and role model. We at the Foundation will greatly miss his wise counsel, guidance, and his humour?.

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Press Release on Friday June 23, 2017

May 2017


Somali Government Progress Activities in the Past Week 20-26 May 2017**

Mogadishu, 27 May 2017 ? H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) briefed the media on the progress activities undertaken by the Federal Government of Somalia in the past week 20 - 26 May 2017

HE Minister Yarisow noted the main progress activities in this period, which included:

**The Prime Minister launches National Cleaning Campaign**

25 May 2017 ? The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellence Hassan Ali Khayre and the deputy Prime Minister His Excellence Mahdi Mohamed Gulled have officially launched National Cleaning Campaign which will be implemented on in the country wide and has started in the capital city of Mogadishu. This campaign was launched on the 25th of May 2017. The campaign is basically to collect the entire rubbish in the city which are dumped in inappropriate places such as the sides of the streets. The Regional Governor of Benadir region who is also the Mayor of Mogadishu has inspected districts in Benadir region where the sanitation activities are being done well. The Prime Minister has announced that Cleaning campaign will be done on last Thursday of every month.

**The Armed Forces Court has publicly executed murderer who has killed the security chief of middle shabelle**

The Armed Forces Court has on 25th of May 2017 publicly executed Ex-NISA constable NISA Yussuf Hussein Mohamoud who is the man who killed the security chief of the Middle Shabelle region late Abdiweli Ibrahim Mohamed. The security chief of the middle shabelle region was shot dead on the 21st of June 2016, and it was in the month of Ramadan, the killing occurred while the security chief was breaking his fasting.

**The government launches project to offer meal to 1.1 million fasting people to break their fasting**

The Minister of Humanitarian and Disaster Management Ms. Maryam Qasim has on 26th of May 2017 launched Iftar project for one million and one hundred thousand people. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has responded the call from the Federal Government and will be implementing the project in all the regions throughout the country, particularly in where the most vulnerable people are. The launching ceremony was attended by the Minister of Information, the Minister of Religion and Endowments, the head of OIC in Somalia and some Islamic aid agencies.

**The Prime Minister placed the foundation stone on a projects to improve Mogadishu airport.**

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellence Hassan Ali Khayre has on the 24th of May 2017 placed the foundation stone of the sparkling lights on the runway in Aden Abdulle International airport in Mogadishu. The Prime Minister has switched on the first sparkling light that was installed in the airport. This is a development which the government has achieved after the company which operates in the airport was given a short time of period to implement the project.

**The military impounded weapons and other devices in an operation in Mogadishu**

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, His Excellence Hassan Ali Khayre has on the 23rd of May 2017, has visited a military base of joint forces who will be implementing restoration of stability in the capital city. These joint forces have on the 23rd of May carried out security operation in which they impounded weapons and other devices.

**SNA troops prepared countering terrorism operation**

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellence Hassan Ali Khayre has on the 24th of May 2017 visited Balidoogle where Somali National Army in order to accelerate the operation to combat the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. The Federal Government has given special priority to the restoration of security and stability in the country, and has prepared the National Security Planning and Strategies.

**Government has implemented the SRDF conference to evaluate the decisions of London conference**

The deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mahdi Mohamed Gulled has on the 24th of May 2017 presided a conference which was basically about discussing the outcome of the London conference, the Impact of the drought and the federal affairs. The conference was organized by SDRF (Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility Steering Committee). The conference was attended members in the Somali cabinet of Ministers, the ambassadors of Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Italy, the UN deputy and other officials from the regional States in the country.

**Somali National Army waged operation to removed illegal roadblocks in Bakool region**

The Somali National Army has on 23rd of May 2017 commenced an operation to remove illegal roadblocks set by the militants of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab at some locations in Bakool region. An official from the 60th brigade troops of SNA in Bakool region has told the media that the SNA troops have removed several roadblocks which were set by Al-Shabab, which they used to harass the civilians inhabiting in those areas.

**Ministry of Youth has launched consultative meeting of the Youth Policy**

The Ministry of Youth has held a National Youth policy consultative meeting on the 25th of May 2017 in Benadir region, the Ministry has invited the Youth Organizations, the meeting which was going on for two days the Youth debated their perspective on the National Youth Policy which the Ministry of Youth and Sports is engaged in seating it.

**The Election Commission has opened an office to register the political parties in Mogadishu**

On 23 May 2017, the event of the opening of an office to register the political parties in the country was held in Mogadishu. The independent National Electoral Commission has implemented the registration office, the opening ceremony was attended by members of both Houses of Parliament, the political parties and members of the electoral commission. The Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission Halima Yarey has said that there are extensive activities before this office and in order to succeed the political parties and the electoral commission should work jointly.

The country has experienced different election system, but now the commission is engaged in the implementation of one man one vote in the year 2020.

**The Ministry of Information launched symposium about the relation between the media and security**

The Minister for Information His Excellence Eng. Yarisow has on the 22nd of May 2017 opened symposium on how the security agencies and the Somali media can work together, the symposium was attended by Ministers and officials from the EU agencies, officials from ALBANY, the Somali research institution which deals with the resistances of problems, SDRI which does research. In a research conducted in Banadir, Baay, the lower Jubba and Mudug regions showed that the cooperation between the media and the security agencies is very imperative.

The End

The Ministry of Information

May 2017


Washington (CNN)
FBI Director James Comey told a Senate committee last week that “hundreds and thousands” of emails containing classified information had been forwarded from top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin to the home computer she shared with her husband — and one-time New York congressman — Anthony Weiner.

Turns out that’s not true, according to CNN’s Evan Perez, who reported Tuesday that Comey had drastically overstated the number of emails Abedin had forwarded to Weiner and that the FBI was in the midst of trying to find a way to correct the record.
Comey's claim to Congress about Clinton aide's emails wasn't true
Comey’s claim to Congress about Clinton aide’s emails wasn’t true
It’s not clear what led Comey to offer such an exaggerated number during his testimony in front of the Senate judiciary committee. It could have been a simple error, the result of hours of questioning that was largely adversarial from senators in both parties.
In truth, it doesn’t really matter why Comey screwed up — even if the honest answer is that he had a brief mental lapse or got two figures confused in his head.

The Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology (MPTT) held a 3-day national consultative conference on telecommunications and technology in Mogadishu from 6th to 8th May 2017.

The conference, which was officially opened by the Prime Minister and closed by the Speaker of the Parliament, had more than 60 representatives from Office of President, Office of the Prime Minister, Minister, State Minister and Deputy Minister of Posts, Telecom and Technology, Parliamentary Committee on Information and Telecom, State Attorney General, Central Bank, and ministries in charge of telecommunications from federal states of Puntland, Southwest, Jubbaland, GalMudug, and HirShabelle, telecom and ISP operators, and university associations.

For Clinton and her allies, Comey’s mistake is further evidence of his botched handling of the investigation into her private email server and the role he played — wittingly or unwittingly — in shaping the 2016 election.
Clinton, in a conversation with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour last week, blamed Comey’s letter to members of Congress on October 28 — informing them that the Weiner-Abedin computer had been found and the investigation re-opened — for her loss at the hands of Donald Trump.
Clinton: I was on way to winning until Comey, Wikileaks
 Clinton: I was on way to winning until Comey, Wikileaks 02:37
“I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off,” Clinton said. “And the evidence for that intervening event is compelling, persuasive.”
Comey admitted in the Senate hearing that the decision on whether to inform Congress of the re-opened investigation or keep quiet until more could be known about the contents of the emails found on the Weiner-Abedin computer made him “mildly nauseous.”
Comey: 'Nauseous' over election thoughts

Comey: ‘Nauseous’ over election thoughts 01:57

But he went ahead with it anyway. And it turned out that the emails on that computer contained nothing new or revelatory. The FBI announced that on November 6, two days before the election.
That decision — and the impact it clearly had on the election — has been a very sore spot since November 8. This latest revelation — that Comey overstated the number of emails that Abedin forwarded to Weiner — will serve to grind salt into that still-raw wound.
And, more importantly, it will confirm for many Clinton loyalists that Comey knew exactly what he was doing when he sent that letter to Congress. That, contrary to Comey’s assertion that “I can’t consider for a second whose political fortunes will be affected in what way,” he was totally aware that re-opening the investigation would have a negative impact on Clinton. And that he did it anyway.

The conference, which was closed by the Speaker of the Parliament, shows the Ministry’s commitment to build confidence within stakeholders, exchange information and ideas through direct communication, and share Ministry’s annual plans for the sector.

After extensive discussions and exchanging views, the followings recommendations were made:

1. The Ministry shall maintain close partnership with relevant state-level ministries through direct communications and by organizing similar meetings to help stakeholders share information, plans and build confidence among them. The next national conference is planned to be held in Jubbaland.
2. The Ministry shall strengthen the existing relations between the Federal Ministry and state-level ministries in charge of telecommunications by devolving the federal services through the states.
3. The Ministry shall take into consideration the needs of the state-level ministries in charge of telecommunications in the areas of telecommunications and technology.
4. The Ministry shall strengthen its partnership with telecom operators, ISPS and university associations for advancement of the sector.
5. The Ministry shall endeavor to promote and expand the services of Somalia’s top-level domain (dotSO) to all federal and state-level institutions.
6. State-level ministers in charge of telecom and technology underscored the need to review the World Bank-funded ICT Support Project so that it may reflect the priorities of the beneficiaries and have an effective impact on their institutions.

7. The participants unanimously agreed the urgent need for sector to have the Telecommunications Act passed. The Act, once implemented, will address serious challenges the sector is currently facing in the areas of spectrum management, licensing, taxation, government-sector relations, etc.
8. The sector requests the Ministry to facilitate the establishment of a one-stop solution for all issues related to registration, licensing, taxation, etc.
9. The telecom operators and ISPs ask the Ministry to work with other government agencies in creating a conducive environment for sector, especially in their movements during emergency times.

10. The Ministry shall encourage the use of ICT in all government institutions in order to improve security, revenue collection, and other government services.
11. To promote the establishment of ICT vocational schools and encourage technology-based innovation amongst the youth to help them create more employment opportunities.
12. To enhance the capacity of civil servants in the use of ICT through re-launching of the National Institute for Telecom and Technology.
13. The Ministry shall work with the Ministry of Education in the incorporation of ICT in Somalia’s school curriculum so that children may embrace technology at an early stage.
14. The Ministry shall help education and research institutions in the promotion of ICT in education and in promoting ICT centres where students can access cost-effective ICT services.
15. Promote Somalia’s top-level domain, especially (, within the education sector so that they can access specialized services for them.

Finally, the Conference expresses its gratitude to all the conference participants, especially to the chair and MPs from the Parliamentary Committee on Information and Telecom, the State Attorney General, ministers from state ministers of telecommunications, and intellectuals who shared their experiences with the ICT sector.

Lastly, the Minister for Posts, Telecom and Technology, H.E. Eng Abdi Ashur Hassan, extends his special gratitude to the president of the Federal Republic of Somalia, His Excellency Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed; Speaker of the Parliament, Hon. Mohamed Sheik Osman (Jawari); and H.E. Hassan Ali Khaire, Prime Minister, who all expressed their support for the work that the Ministry is currently undertaking.

National Consultation Conference on ICT
Mogadishu May 8, 2017

The 5 Top Questions to the Somali People, Somali Lower & Upper Houses of Representatives, Office of the #Somalia's Most Corrupted Prime Minister H.E. Hassan Ali Kheyre & Office of the Somalia's Most Corrupted President of #Somalia H.E. Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo for hiring ex- internationally reported corrupted people into his government.
1. How many ex- fired Somali #Foreign based #media #journalists wants to derail and misrepresent #Somalia's Media Outlets ? #Fact is fact.
2. Who is the real Executive of the #Union of Somali National Journalists "NUSOJ"? & Why are corrupted ex- failed Somali journalists mislead #people?
3. Who is the #Executive Director of #Somali Independent #Media #Outlets "SIMO"? How many Somali Media Outlets works in #Somalia?
4.  #Somali #Media #Empire (SME) is not supporting #foreign illegalities in #Somalia 4 #Media bribes, & #Somali #Media #Empire is #free #Media.
5.  How many illegal #foreign media outlets works in semi-autononous states & in #Somalia? Can corrupted foreign governments mislead us further?

Fact is Fact!

Somali Media Development Consultative meeting is launched in Mogadishu
Mogadishu 6 May 2017 ? The Ministry of Information of the Federal Government of Somalia has today the 6th of May 2017 launched in Mogadishu consultative meeting for the development of Somali media, the meeting will be going on for the next two days to come. The deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellence Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar) has officially opened the meeting.

The consultative meeting is attended by the Information Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellence Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng: Yarisow), the deputy Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia His Excellence Abdurrahman Iidan Yunis, the Information Minister of Jubbaland State His Excellence Abdinur Ali Adan, His Excellence Abdifatah Ashkir Nur, Puntland State Minister, Dahir Farah Fidow, the deputy Information Minister of Galmudug State, Abdikarim Mohamed Diriye, the media leaders and representatives of the media fraternity. His Excellence Hassan Abdi Mohamed the Information Minister of Southwest State has joined the meeting at midday.

Somali Media Development Consultative meeting is focused on issues such as the strengthening of relations and cooperation between the federal level and the state level and private owned media; reviewing of the Media Law; review of the National Strategy of Somali Media; and the Strategies & plans of National Public Awareness Programs.

The deputy Prime Minister has appreciated the Ministry of Information for its role of organizing vital consultative meeting, which is good for the strengthening the cooperation ties between the national level and regional State level, and it is very significant to maintain such consultations.

His Excellence Engineer Yarisow the Information Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia has similarly appreciated the attendance of regional State Ministers, key stakeholders in the media, civil society groups, and appealed from them to strengthen the cooperation and the consultations between them.

Eng Yarisow has at length talked about the importance of public awareness, and the need for the participation of the entire Somali citizens.


Ministry of Information

Somalia is well prepared for the forthcoming London Conference

Mogadishu 5 May 2017 ? Information Minister His Excellency Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) has reported about the preparations for the London conference which is due to take place on the 11th of May 2017 in the UK, in particular at Lancaster House, the capital city of London.

Minister Eng. Yarisow talking about the preparation of the conference said "The Federal Government is fully prepared for the London conference which is co-chaired by Somalia, UK and the United Nations, and will be attended by the international community."

The Federal Government of Somalia spearheaded by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia His Excellence Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) will be attending the conference. The agenda of the conference will be issues such as, security, political, economic development in Somalia and the biting drought in the country.

Continuing his talk Minister Eng: Yarisow said "The government of Somalia has been in quite long-time engaged on how this conference should be a fruitful one, the assigned committee for the London conference has been having regular meetings with the officials of the government of UK, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Somalia?s diplomatic friends. The Federal Government has prepared security plans to enhance the capacity of the Somali National Army, so that in the near future they can take the security role in the county from the AMISOM troops?.

?Likewise the government has prepared the Public Financial Management of the country which can give full confidence to the International Community and the plan to prepare for the process of the democratization in the country, so that within these four years there will be one person one vote election in the country? added Eng: Yarisow

Eng. Yarisow has finally thanked UK for its leadership towards Somalia as this is the third of such international conference for Somalia. We cannot forget UK's leadership on galvanizing international efforts towards Somalia. I therefore appeal to Somali citizens to fully support the conference since it is a conference unlike previous conferences. In this conference the Somali government will table its plans in order for the international community to support us. The conference will be led and owned by Somalis, and will appeal its plans from the international support.


For Immediate release

Mogadishu, May 5, 2017

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) condemns in the strongest terms the arrest of a Somali journalist on Friday afternoon, May 5, 2017 in the town of Jowhar, the capital of Hirshabeelle regional state, located around 90 km North of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Ismail Abdulle Sabriye who works for London based Somali TV (Universal) was arrested by the police after receiving arrest order from Hirshabeelle President?s office.

Hirshabeelle Information Minster Mr Mahad Hassan Osman whom the National Union of Somali journalists talked on the phone to clarify the reason behind the detention of the journalist confirmed that Ismail was detained by the police after being accused that the journalist misinterpreted the remarks of President who held a press conference in Jowhar on Thursday, May 4 ,2017 after returning from Mogadishu.

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms all violations and arrests against journalists without due process including the case of Ismail Abdulle and we call upon Hirshabeelle regional Administrations to release him unconditionally." Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists said, "We also call on all sides and regional states to respect the freedom of media f and freedom of expression which is currently still under.

National Union of Somali Journalists will closely follow up the arrest case and will definitely watch the 15 minutes long footage of Presidents? press conference on Thursday to find out more the accusations against the journalist.

This is the fourth arrest made by the administration since January 2017 . Feburay 26,2017 VOA journalist Hussien Hassan Dhaqane was arrested in Beledwein .

The Ministry of Information


The Federal Government of Somalia met international partners at a high level meeting today in Mogadishu to prepare for the 11 May 2017 London Conference on Somalia. 

The meeting presented senior FGS officials with an opportunity to share their policy priorities and discuss the basis for a high-level partnership agreement to be agreed in London between Somalia and its international partners.

This agreement will cover a range of issues, including a security pact; support for drought response and economic recovery; and political priorities including the constitutional review process and a democratization process leading to one-person, one-vote elections in 2020.

Participants praised the recent political agreement that was reached by the country’s top federal and state government leaders on a new architecture for Somalia’s national security forces. This agreement will provide the basis for the gradual transfer of lead responsibility for the country’s security to Somali security forces in the coming years.

“Today’s meeting was an important step towards reaching a high-level partnership agreement at the upcoming London Conference on Somalia.

The London Conference is a major opportunity to accelerate reform, strengthen the partnership between the international community and Somalia, and set out shared priorities for the coming years to help give the Somali people the future they deserve" said the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Michael Keating.

“The challenges facing the people of Somalia are formidable. They include effective response to the drought, creating jobs and building a more resilient economy, improving security and containing violence, and a process to resolve constitutional issues to ensure greater stability and a strong federal state.

The key to success is reconciliation among Somalis, as well as coherent and sustained support from the international community around Somali priorities.”

Next month’s London Conference on Somalia will be a unique opportunity to secure high-level international support for Somalia at a critical stage in its ongoing security, political and economic transition.

The UAE promises $45 million for the Somali people

Mogadishu, 23 April 2017 ? The United Arab Emirates ambassador to Somalia H.E. Mohamed Al-Othman, has paid courtesy call to the Ministry of Information and met with the Minister for Information H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) in his office, the two officials talked about various issues.

Minister Eng. Yarisow has first and foremost thanked the ambassador for his courtesy call in the Ministry, and was taken round in the department of Somali National Television and the archives of Radio Mogadishu.

Likewise, the Minister has once again thanked the humanitarian efforts made by the UAE based on the drought rescue on which the UAE Red Crescent has been lately executing in Somalia, by donating food stuff to the drought affected people.

?My special thanks goes to the government and the people of the UAE for their donation promise which was made six hours live via the UAE TVs on Friday the 21st of April, and in this six hours 167 dirham was collected and if converted into US $ will be $45 million. This shows that the UAE is unflagging brother that feels the pain of the Somali people. Somali National Television has succeeded in airing live the contribution in the UAE to the Somali people.? Said Eng. Yarisow.

In addition to that the Minister and the ambassador have discussed about the modernisation the national media, in particular upgrading the capacity of the Somali journalists, such as their skills and their experiences.

UK takes leadership role to campaign for Somalia in international level, says Eng. Yarisow

Mogadishu, 23 April 2017 ? The Minister for Information of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman [Eng: Yarisow] has on Saturday had lengthy meeting with the UK ambassador to Somalia H.E. David Concar.

The two officials discussed about, the development of the media, the forthcoming London conference which is due to take place on the 11th of May 2017 and some other issues.

Minister Yarisow has sincerely thanked the ambassador on behalf of the government of UK?s international leadership role campaign for the support of making Somalia and the implantation of Good Governance.

?The United Kingdom has taken international leadership role, so that the international countries can turn their eyes for the support of Somalia, and likewise the United Kingdom has been in past years doing campaign in the United Nations Security Council which has passed a number of resolutions to support Somalia in different sectors? said Minister Yarisow.

The UK ambassador to Somalia H.E. David Concar has underlined the important role of the media towards the development and the stability of Somalia.

Ambassador Concar has promised that the government of UK is and will stand shoulder to shoulder the Federal Government of Somalia and its citizens at this tense situation, in particular the development of the media.

Eventually Minister Yarisow has shared with the ambassador the plans and the policies of the Ministry of Information, in which the Ministry is intending to develop the media and the support of the local journalists, so as they execute their duties in a skilful manner, and transmit the development of the country to the public.


The Ministry of Information and Public awareness
Five Top Questions to the Current Leaders of the Somali Federal Government:- Answers must be clear!
#Somalia's #President H.E. Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo signed secrets in the #U.A.E. & in the United Kingdom of #SaudiArabia.Why are you hiding #deals?
Why the U.A.E. wants 2 #control Berbera Port & establish #military #base in Berbera, #Somalia without #Somalia's #Parliament approval? #Fact
How many foreign illegal forces & NGOs are operating in #Somalia illegally? Who gave them permission to operate in #Somalia? #Fact is Fact!
How many Ex- #Somali #Shabab #terrorists are working at the #Somalia #Immigration & Nationality #Directorate? #Fact is fact
Who looted #Somalia's Public #Broadcasting into private owners? Why is #Somalia's #Parliament not discussing real looted #public #assets

Somalia Statement on Turkey's referendum on Sunday

17 April 2017, Mogadishu, Somalia - The Government and People of the Federal Republic of Somalia congratulate the Turkish Government and People on the positive outcome of Sunday?s referendum on their future political governance. We congratulate H.E. President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an on the referendum success which he led for a stronger and even more prosperous Turkey. We are confident under his proven leadership Turkey will continue to progress and prosper.

Turkey is a valuable ally, friend and supporter of Somalia with whom we seek to strengthen our bilateral ties even further. The Government and People of Somalia wish the greatest of success, progress and prosperity for Turkey and its brotherly people who have chosen a new path of governance.


Ministry of Information

Federal Republic of Somalia
Communique on the National Consultative Forum of National & Regional Leaders

April 15 -16, 2017, ?Mogadishu - The national and regional level leaders of the Federal Government of Somalia held a National Consultative Forum in Mogadishu from the 15-16 of April 2017.

The forum was presided over by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, and was attended by the Speaker of the National Assembly, H.E. Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, the Prime Minister, H.E. Hassan Ali Kheyre, the president of Puntland State, H.E. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, the President of Jubbaland State, HE Ahmed Mohamed Islaam, the President of Southwest State, HE Shariff Hassan Sheikh Aden, the President of Hirshabelle State, H.E. Ali Abdullah Osoble and the deputy President of Galmudug State, who is also the Acting President H.E. Mohamed Hashi Abdi.

In the forum the issues discussed were the biting drought in the country, reforming of the different elements of the national security agencies, combating with those who refuse peace and all other international terrorist groups, the political scenario in the country, enriching the economy, the development of the economic infrastructure and strengthening the relations between the central government and the Regional States.

1. The President expressed concern over the deteriorating situation of the drought, which has affected the lives of many people and livestock and caused extensive displacement.
2. The leaders collectively appreciated the rescue efforts spearheaded by Somali citizens, both in national and international levels and as well the international community.
3. The leaders recognize the urgent need for strengthening the efforts to save the lives of the needy, and have agreed upon that a clear plan to avoid repeated drought is needed.
4. The leaders expressed positive anticipation regarding the political process in the country and the collaboration between the national and the Regional States leaders
5. The leaders giving consideration bringing peace to the country through reconciliation and they encouraged the talks between Galmudug State and Ahlu-Sunna-Waljama
6. The leaders agreed upon the of the National Security Policy and the guidelines to follow on its implantation: this will be spearheaded by the National Security Council.
7. The leaders approved the new structure of the National Security Council, which is chaired by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.
8. The leaders likewise agreed upon that there should be Regional State level security councils, which will be chaired the Regional State leaders.
9. The leaders agreed that there should urgent plan for joint security forces operations to reopen key roads, thus ensuring aid can reach to the drought affected people.
10. The leaders have agreed upon that the plan for the election process in the year 2020, and that it should be started soon and accelerated.
11. The leaders agreed on enhancing the country?s economy, income, job creation, encouraging investment and trade and as well the development of the country?s economic infrastructure.
12. The leaders have also agreed upon that special consideration should be given to the fight against corruption and there should be a modern, standard way of eradicating it.
13. The leaders endorsed the National Development Plan and its priorities, and said that there should be statistics and a new Partnership Agreement.
14. The leaders are hoping that the international community will support their decisions and the plans, which the Somali government has decided are its priorities.
15. Finally the leaders expressed their appreciation for the constant support of the international community to the Somali citizens.


Ministry of Information & Public Awareness

Media captionPresident Trump: “We’ve had a long discussion already and so far I have gotten nothing!”

US President Donald Trump has welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to his Florida resort for their first summit.

Mr Trump said the two men had “developed a friendship” as they sat for dinner at his Mar-a-Lago retreat.

The American leader is expected to press his counterpart for action on North Korea, and Mr Xi to seek assurances on Taiwan.

Mr Trump has said the summit “will be a very difficult one”. Last year he accused China of “raping the US”.

During the election campaign, he said massive trade deficits and job losses could no longer be tolerated. But at dinner on Thursday, it was all smiles, with the leaders’ two wives, folk singer Peng Liyuan and First Lady Melania Trump also in attendance.

The meeting was, however, largely overshadowed later by a US airstrike on an airbase in Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack.

An A-Z of big issues in tense US-China summit

Is Trump wise to take on China over trade?

The cost of Trump’s ‘Winter White House’

The Mar-a-Lago ClubImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionThe Mar-a-Lago Club is known as the “Winter White House”

All eyes will be on the body language between the two leaders – one a softly spoken Communist Party apparatchik and the other a brash Manhattan property tycoon.

Despite his tough campaign talk, Mr Trump has so far not followed through on his threat to formally brand China a “currency manipulator”, nor to hit Chinese imports with punitive tariffs.

The Republican president’s blue-collar supporters will hope he can translate his China-bashing election rhetoric into concrete gains for American manufacturing workers.

One of the most urgent issues for the US is North Korea, which is trying to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the west coast of the US with a nuclear device.

It fired a medium-range missile into the Sea of Japan on Wednesday, the latest in a series of launches.

Media captionWhat American and Chinese people want

Although Beijing has condemned this and previous missile tests, it has so far been reluctant to isolate its neighbour, fearing its collapse could spawn a refugee crisis and bring the US military to its doorstep.

Mr Trump is expected to call on Mr Xi to arm-twist North Korea into halting its nuclear programme by denying it access to banking institutions.

The US president told the Financial Times this week he was prepared to act unilaterally, saying: “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.”

Media captionMaureen and Isabella don’t see eye-to-eye on Trump

A senior White House official said Pyongyang would be a key test for the Trump-Xi relationship.

“The clock is very, very quickly running out,” the official said. “All options are on the table for us.”

For his part, Mr Xi will seek assurances from Mr Trump on US arms sales to Taiwan, which China considers a breakaway province that must eventually reunify with the mainland.

Mr Trump outraged China in December when he took the unorthodox step of accepting a phone call from the Taiwanese president.

But the US president later agreed to respect the “one China” policy in a telephone call with President Xi in February.

Climate change, which Mr Trump once dismissed as a Chinese hoax, and Beijing’s building of artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea, could also come up.

Some protesters lined the streets on Thursday to voice their opposition to China’s policy in the South China Sea.

Mr Xi’s visit will conclude with a working lunch on Friday.

But there is unlikely to be any golf on the agenda. While Mr Trump is fond of hitting the fairway, Mr Xi’s administration has cracked down on the sport in an anti-corruption drive

©  Alexey Nikolsky/Presidential press service/TASS

MOSCOW, April 7. /TASS/. The US missile strike against Syria’s facilities was an act of aggression and impairs both Russian-US relations and the key goal of fighting international terrorism, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday citing the opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Putin considers the US strikes against Syria an act of aggression against a sovereign country violating the norms of international law, and under a trumped-up pretext at that,” Peskov stressed. He noted that the Syrian army has no stockpiles of chemical weapons. “The fact that all Syrian armed forces’ chemical weapons stockpiles were eliminated was registered and confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), a specialized UN unit,” he highlighted.

“Putin believes that the total disregard for the use of chemical weapons by terrorists only exacerbates the situation significantly,” Peskov went on to say. “Putin also sees the strikes on Syria by the US as an attempt to divert the attention of the international community from numerous civilian casualties in Iraq.”

“Washington’s move substantially impairs Russian-US relations, which are in a deplorable state as it is,” Peskov emphasized.

“And, most importantly, Putin believes that this step does not bring us closer to the ultimate goal in the fight against international terrorism. On the contrary, it creates serious obstacles to efforts in forging an international coalition to fight against it and effectively counter this global evil. By the way, US President Donald Trump proclaimed this as one of the key objectives during his election campaign,” the Kremlin spokesman explained.

The US military fired at least 50 cruise missiles at a military base of the Syrian government forces in the Homs province last night. The missile strike comes in response to what Washington believes was the Syrian government’s use of banned chemical weapons in the province of Idlib. The Tomahawk cruise missiles were intended for a single target – an airfield in the Homs province from which, according to the US intelligence data, the alleged chemical attack was launched.

US President Donald Trump confirmed that he had given the order to carry out the strike.

Eng. Yarisow "Somali Government is committed to National Security and the fight against terrorism, corruption and Poverty."

Mogadishu, 07 April 2017 – Somali Minister of Information Eng. Yarisow said the Federal Government of Somalia has taken major steps designed to bring peace back to Somalia by getting rid of terrorism with the assistance of Somali people. Somalia is ready to intensify the fight against Terrorism, Corruption and Poverty.

The president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has yesterday 06 April 2017 declared war on al-Shabaab (aS) by announcing that Somalia is in a state of war with terror groups in Somalia while asking Somali people to stand side by side with the national army and security forces.

“I declare that Somalia is in a state of war. It will not be a war from one front. We’ve ordered the national army to get ready for waging this war to bringing peace back to Somalia. The second front will be waged by the Somali people whom we call upon assisting the army” declared Somali President.

President Farmajo offered amnesty and promised Somali government will take care those young people who denounce aS and its unlawful activities: “The government welcomes with open hand those young former al-Shabab members and will offer them full amnesty by also extending them education, create jobs. We call upon you to leave the rogue ideas of aS, the terrorist group as soon as possible. We give you an ultimatum of 60 days.”

The Somali government is engaged in a war with three fronts such as Terrorism, Corruption and Poverty. It has yesterday replaced all commanders of security institutions. This change of security chiefs is a way to redouble the efforts of bringing peace and stability in the country.

The President and the PM promised to prioritize security and yesterday's changes are part of the overall security reforms.

Somali government is fully committed to engage with the Somali public of all walks of life such as the Youth, Elders, Religious leaders and Women. As part of this, the Ministry of Information and Public Awareness is tasked to work with Somali people in maintaining the trust between the government and the public.

The Minister of Information and Public Awareness H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) said “the Somali people are the backbone of success for the government’s attempts to fight terrorism, corruption and poverty. My ministry will give priority to these areas of importance and call upon the Somali people to work with the government specially the youth to be part of this three front war. The Ministry of Information is open to the public and extremely happy to take its role in increasing the public awareness of government operations.”

It is time for Somali people to take stock of this government commitment and maintain their momentum in their support for Somali president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo which they gave during his election as the President of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Somalia will be better and be stabilized to reach self-sufficient in a limited time with the cooperation of the Somali people.

Somalia belongs to Somalia.

Ministry of Information & Public Awareness
Federal Republic of Somalia or ali


February 2017


Mogadishu on Wednesday March 29, 2017 The Somali MP's were persuaded to abandon the petition which was filed by 105 MPS early this week. Fortunately Somali Members of Parliament approved the new cabinet by 214 votes out of 275 MPS only 15 rejected to vote.

The Cabinet was sworn into office immediately after the vote by the Supreme Court. Now, they can legally take up office and begin their work in a

February 2017


Mogadishu on Thursday, February 9, 2017

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All Somali Top Commanders and Somali Cyber Security Teams salutes & congratulates to our Ex- Chief of the Command Alpha General Dr. Badal Kariye who stopped foreigners and traitors to manage or control Somalia's internal & external interests.

We, all the Somalia's Top Commanders & Somali Cyber Security Teams hereby officially wish all the best to Ex- Chief of the Command Alpha Ambassador Dr. Badal Kariye who resigned from his official public service after defeating Somalia's internal and external enemies on Wednesday February 08, 2017 .
It is true that Ex- Chief of the Command Alpha Ambassador Dr. Badal Kariye had completed his security studies at various well-known governmental military colleges and academies including the Inter-American Defense College, Swiss Federal Institute, German, Italy and Somalia.

Adding to his security studies, he is PhD holder and he speaks 19 languages as well as being internationally well-known Somali writer of 104 books, investigative journalist, businessman and diplomat.

To reach or contact him please you can use his web based email from this website:

Somalia is back on track, and we would like to thank all those who sacrificed their lives to defend the common interests of the Somali people and the Republic of Somalia.

Press Statement
Mark C. Toner
Acting Spokesperson
Washington, DC
February 8, 2017

The United States congratulates the people of Somalia on the successful conclusion of their national electoral process. We congratulate Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed on his selection as the next President of the Federal Government of Somalia and look forward to working closely with him and a new government. We commend the Somali Security Forces and the African Union Mission in Somalia for their efforts over the past six months to allow the electoral process to unfold in a relatively safe and secure environment.

This transition represents an important step forward for the country. We commend the thousands of Somalis from across the country, including youth and women, who were able to vote in greater numbers than in the 2012 elections, but regret the numerous credible reports of irregularities in the electoral process. We encourage Somalia’s new administration to take credible steps to stamp out corruption and to establish strong electoral institutions to enable a free and fair one person one vote poll in 2020.

The United States looks forward to the timely formation of a new government, and to working in partnership with the President and new government to advance reconciliation, drought relief, security, and build the strong institutions to deliver good governance and development for the Somali people.

Boris Johnson president congratulates Farmajo

— Press release

The Foreign Secretary congratulates President Farmajo on his victory in the Somali presidential elections

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson looks forward to meeting newly elected Somali President and working with him on shared priorities.